We think that when it comes to our models, props and prototypes the journey is equally, or in some cases more exciting than the destination. We also believe that our ability to utilize all available technologies and techniques helps to creatively find solutions.

Check out some of the recent innovations that help us do what we do.

Once we receive CAD files or drawings, we review them for correctness and completeness, we then discuss with the client the finish and level of detail that they're looking for.

Once the files have been completely broken down on the PC, we're left with hundreds of pieces that make up the puzzle and the backbone for the model, and then construction can begin.



Company model of industry

By Marty Hope, Calgary Herald May 27, 2011

Calgary’s builders and developers are gradually climbing out of the recessionary sinkhole that began to swallow them up in mid-2007. On a smaller scale, businesses related to the housing sector are also finding it a struggle as their clients maintain a cautiously optimistic stance. “I think we’ve got another two difficult years ahead of us before things really start to improve,” says Felix Rooke....

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Wary businesses keep economy simmering

By Dan Healing, Calgary Herald, April 4, 2011

Calgary’s confident swagger remains, but its unshakable belief in future prosperity is being tinged with caution these days, suggests a new poll provided to the Calgary Herald. “There is definitely a lot of optimism — I feel optimistic — because we’ve got a lot of quotes out there,” said Felix Rooke, a vice-president and co-owner of six-year-old Calgary model-making firm Replicate Designs.

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Models built on creative skills

By David Parker, Calgary Herald, September 3, 2009

Building models sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to earn a living. It is great fun, although the three partners at Replicate Designs also have the usual small business concerns of administration, sales, marketing and production to worry about. But the reward of designing to suit a client's needs and the pride in delivering the end product means Felix Rooke, Shelli Woodall and Paul Hern do get great satisfaction out of their daily work. And they have been very successful, considering they launched the company from scratch just five years ago

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Class Notes

By SAIT Alumni Link, Fall, 2009

Paul Hern (Computer Integrated Design ’03) started Replicate Designs Inc. along with two partners almost five years ago. Their company specializes in model making, props and prototypes. Through hard work, dedication and the diverse backgrounds of Hern and his partners, their company has grown to be a fully self-sustained and technologically advanced model shop. They were even featured in the May issue of Avenue magazine and the July issue of Elemente magazine. Check them out at

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The Model Citizens of Replicate Designs

By Jaelyn Molyneux, AVENUE MAGAZINE, April 28, 2009

A team of Calgary designers is turning concepts into lifelike 3-D creations. And they're not toying around. They have put roofs on skyscrapers, planted thousands of trees, hoisted giant toothbrushes and know all about the external anatomy and colourings of trout. Yet, they’re neither construction workers, foresters, dentists or fishermen.

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Playing house | Architectural models place condos in the palm of your hand

By Natasha Evdokimoff, Condo Living January 5, 2006

Who among us can’t look back upon their childhood with reticent nostalgia, remembering hours and cumulative days and weeks spent engrossed by the magical world of miniatures? Whether your mini toy of choice was a Lego set, a dollhouse, a platoon of little green army men, or a diorama revealing untold worlds of mystery and adventure, tiny objects at one time or another probably held your attention in a very big way.

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