St. Patrick’s Bridge Competition

Calgary, Canada

Replicate Designs was commissioned by Halsall Associates of Canada and RFR Architecture of France to construct a 1:100 scale model of their proposed design for the St. Patrick’s Bridge Competition.

As requested by the architects the model was constructed with an all natural wood base and mirrored water which enabled people to see the underside of the bridge and really helped  put the bridge design in the spotlight. 
Being the only submission that included a model Halsall and RFR ultimately won the competition and will now go in to production.

We would like to think that the scale model was one of the driving factors in winning the competition.




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Our scale architectural models, advertising props and custom prototypes are literally created to be conversation pieces. They enhance communication by producing a visual representation of true-to-life scenarios that the viewer can relate to on many dimensions. This fact is what makes them the ideal choice for sales and presentations.


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